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Keep Points Off Your License

basic driver improvement
A brand new law was approved by the Governor on December 16, 2010, which can help you keep points off your license and keep your insurance rates low after receiving a ticket. The law requires the Secretary of State to offer a basic driver improvement course to certain individuals after receiving notification of a moving violation. The Secretary of State is required to send you a Notice of Eligibility for this course after they are informed you have received a traffic ticket (unless you fall within certain critera explained below). If you receive a Notice of Eligibility you have 60 days to successfuly complete the basic driver improvement course before points will be assessed against your license. The cost of this course cannot exceed $100.00.

You will not be eligible to take the basic driver improvement course if:

You have a commercial driver’s license.
The moving violation you were charged with is a criminal offense (this includes misdemeanors and felonies).
The moving violation you were charged with is would result in 4 or more points being added to your driving record.
You were charged with:
Careless or Negligent Driving,
Speeding in a Construction Zone,
Speeding in a School Zone, or
Failure to Stop for a School Bus.
You were charged with more than 1 moving violation as a result of the same incident.
Your license was suspended in connection with the moving violation.
You have previously completed a basic driver improvement course.
You already have 3 or more points on your driving record.
Your license is restricted, suspended, or revoked, or you were driving without a license.

If you receive a Notice of Eligibility and successfully complete a basic driver improvement course within the 60 days, then no points should be added to your driving record, and your insurance company will not be provided any information with respect to that moving violation.

This is a one-time deal. Once you complete the basic driver improvement course, you can never take advantage of this statute again, but it should help you in the unlucky event you are charged with a traffic offense.

You can read the original language of the statute on the State of Michigan website. For more information, see the Secretary of State website.

* Please note: Every case is different, and there may be some aspect of your particular case which may result in an outcome other than is described above. This post is not intended as legal advice and may not apply to your particular case. It is always best to contact our office for a consultation if you have been or believe you may be charged with a crime.

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