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Neglect and Mishandled Funds Lead Attorney Sanctions

Neglect and Mishandled Funds Lead Attorney SanctionsThere’s more to just finding a Michigan criminal attorney. You have to find an attorney that’s sympathetic to your needs, understanding of your situation, and willing to put in the hours and work it takes to ensure your case is a success. No two attorneys are alike and some attorneys have even been disciplined for their inappropriate or insufficient handling of their clients.

For example, according to the 2013 State of Michigan Attorney Discipline Board Annual Report, the majority of attorneys disbarred in that year were disbarred for mishandling their clients’ funds. By far the largest category of misconduct was the improper handling of funds, whether through purposeful misappropriation or accidental incompetence and bad bookkeeping. You need a lawyer who is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and making the most out of the investment you make in them. Don’t waste your money on a lawyer that’s not paying attention to where it goes.

The second biggest category of misconduct was neglect of clients through failing to provide diligent and competent representation. Some attorneys were even disciplined for completely abandoning their practice! You need to feel comfortable that your attorney is going to stay on the grind and fight your case from beginning to end. The law office of Peter J. Johnson has carved a place as a leading Michigan criminal attorney and is known for its attention to detail, transparency with clients, and dogged focus on getting the job done. We return calls and emails promptly and work hard to ensure you always know that your case is on priority status.

Your Michigan criminal attorney should be there to help, end of story. The law office of Peter J. Johnson is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing diligent, financially competent representation that guarantees the best possible outcome for any given scenario.

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