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Michigan Begins the Cleanup of Outdated Laws

Outdated Laws
Cursing in front of women and children may seem inappropriate, but under Michigan law it has always been a crime as well. The same goes for singing the national anthem in an alternative way or providing child care without a daycare license. An experienced criminal lawyer in Michigan can help you when charged for crimes in which there was not intent to harm another party.

Laws with No Purpose in Modern Society

While you may see the danger in accepting the invitation to a duel, most people realize the opportunity never presents itself in modern society. However, this law remains on the books in the same way others do from a forgotten time in Michigan history. While the existence of some laws may be amusing to discuss, there is a real danger, innocent people can go to jail for a minor infraction with no intent to harm anyone.

Striking some of these laws from the books is one thing politicians can do, and the process began in December 2015 when the Senate unanimously voted in favor of repealing many outdated regulations. However, lawmakers can take it further and ask to establish a certain threshold of intent when someone is charged with a crime.

Putting the Spotlight on Intent

Because there are so many laws on the books, it is impossible for the average citizen to know of their existence. It is normal for a criminal lawyer in Michigan to have a client who was not aware the law in question was on the books. Anything from the size of a certain type of fish to the way in which you display a camping permit could end up bringing someone to court on criminal charges.

In practical application, these laws tie up the justice system while compromising the daily routine of Michiganders. If the legislature can have an intent clause attached to every law where they don’t already exist, the system would get closer to a place where people only go to jail for intentionally committing crimes. Situations where people were acting innocently but found violating the law would not require jail time.

Even when you had no knowledge of breaking the law, criminal charges can turn into serious jail terms and fines; thus it is of utmost importance that you have proper representation. For further information or to schedule an appointment with one of our highly experienced and sought after criminal defense lawyers at Peter J. Johnson Law Office, PLLC please contact us at 269.982.1100 or visit .

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