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Michigan drivers license restoration attorney

Driver’s License Restoration

Driving privileges are just that: a privilege. How many times have you heard this message from judges, magistrates, hearing officers, law enforcement officials, and even your parents? Driving is a privilege not a right. The truth is driving is so synonymous with every part of our lives – for employment purposes, for entertainment and travel, for medical and family emergencies, for meeting our basic needs – that the freedom and ability to drive actually feels like a right. It’s part of the American way. When and if you lose your driving privileges, it feels like your livelihood has been taken away.

Losing Your Michigan Driving Privileges

Michigan has a complex motor vehicle code and system of administrative regulations, which is overseen by the Michigan Secretary of State, that governs who gets to drive and who does not and for how long. In Michigan, you can have your driving privileges revoked or suspended for a variety of reasons – some driving-related, others not – including for:

  • The accumulation of too many points on your driver record
  • Convictions for drunk driving (DUI) or reckless driving offenses
  • Convictions for certain drug offenses
  • Failure to pay driver responsibility fees
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test (PBT)
  • Use of a motor vehicle during the commission of a felony
  • Unfavorable physician’s statements regarding your inability to drive for medical reasons

The full list of suspension and revocations is quite extensive and can be found at the Michigan Secretary of State website. Some of these convictions and/or outcomes will result in mandatory denials/revocations of your driver’s license, while others will result in intermediate suspensions. Certain suspensions allow for the application of restricted privileges after a set period of time; others are “hard” suspensions and have to be served in their entirety.

Revocations/denials are an entirely different creature. If you’ve had your driving privileges revoked/denied, then you must apply for a Administrative Hearings Section (AHS) hearing with the Secretary of State. This administrative hearing process is very complex and requires extensive preparation and attention to detail from that of an experienced attorney. You will have a hearing before a hearing officer and will be allowed to testify and present evidence in advance similar to how you would have a hearing in court. These hearings are held, however, at your local branch of the Michigan Secretary of State. You can learn more about the AHS hearing process at the Michigan Secretary of State’s website.

The AHS Appeal Process

Don’t take a chance with your driver’s license and all it represents and means to you by starting the hearing process without an attorney! If a AHS hearing officer denies your appeal, you may have to wait a full year before you can apply for another hearing. Don’t let this happen! Get a lawyer who understands how essential it is that you keep your driving privileges, even if just for work and emergency purposes if possible. The attorneys at the Peter J. Johnson Law Office, PLLC thoroughly understand all the different factors related to your driver’s license suspension and/or revocation case. We understand:

  • How the AHS hearing process works
  • What your rights are to appeal to your local circuit court if denied by AHS
  • What your chances are at getting a restricted license
  • How to protect your driving privileges from unforeseeable consequences as a result of a non-driving conviction

We handle dozens of these cases each year, oftentimes in front of the same hearing officers and judges. We know the excuses these judges and officers hate hearing and the assurances they need to see that you can drive responsibly, and we counsel our clients accordingly. Isn’t that the kind of knowledge and legal experience you want in your corner when your license (and livelihood) is on the line?

Contact the Peter J. Johnson Law Office today for your free consultation – over the phone or in our office – to discuss your driver’s license restoration issue or question. If you don’t reach an attorney when you call, we guarantee a callback within 24 hours. How many attorneys do you know who can make that kind of promise these days?